PitchSide From the Plex

S2E7 - US Center for SafeSport with Ju'Riese Colon

February 16, 2022 SoccerPlex Radio Season 2 Episode 7
PitchSide From the Plex
S2E7 - US Center for SafeSport with Ju'Riese Colon
Show Notes

This week we tackle the very important and timely topic of abuse prevention in sport.  The US Center for SafeSport was founded through Federal legislation in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal with USA Gymnastics.  Its mission is to act as the clearing house and adjudicator for abuse allegations within the Olympic movement sports within the US.  They also provide training and education for players, coaches, and parents on how to prevent and identify abuse.  We are joined by the CEO for the US Center for SafeSport Ju'Riese Colon.  Ju'Riese has a long history of working to protect children in various roles in numerous organizations.  Now she is leading the charge to prevent abuse in  sports.  She discusses with other the challenges her organization faces including educating people on the mission, funding, and the sheer volume of the work.  This is such an important topic today that this is a must listen episode.

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