PitchSide From the Plex

S1E7 - America Scores

January 26, 2021 Maryland SoccerPlex. Matt Libber and Kim Walter Season 1 Episode 7
PitchSide From the Plex
S1E7 - America Scores
Show Notes

In this episode we speak with Bethany Henderson the SEO of DC Scores and the President of the America Scores Network as well as Tom Gross the League Administrator for DC Scores.   America Scores is a program founded in Washington DC that combines poetry and service learning with the game of soccer.  The program aims to provide meaningful physical and educational activities and coaching to children in areas where access to sports is an issue.  Bethany discusses the history of the program, the successes and growing pains, and how you can get involved in an existing Scores program, (They are in 12 cities already) or help start a new chapter in the network in your own city.

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