PitchSide From the Plex

S2E6 - CrossFit with Heather Lawrence-Benedict

February 01, 2022 SoccerPlex Radio Season 2 Episode 6
PitchSide From the Plex
S2E6 - CrossFit with Heather Lawrence-Benedict
Show Notes

For todays celebration of Women In Sports Day, we take our second journey into CrossFit in this episode with Heather Lawrence-Benedict, their Director of Sport Operations.  Heather had a long career in college athletics going from operations and faciltiies, to Associate AD, and then to getting her PhD and teaching Sport Management to undergraduates and graduate students.  She jumped over to CrossFit just as the pandemic hit making her new job quite difficult.  Heather gives us the story behind wanting to teach as well as the importance that athletics plays in our lives.  Having been a professor she give great advice to young women starting out on their path to working in sports.

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